Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Funny Phrases I hear

Here are some things I hear from people that I can't help but grin. Yes I know, some of these are not suppose to be funny, but learn to laugh it off. It's better than being angry all the time. What I've noticed is that people don't seem to think before they ask a question sometimes.

"are you blind?!!!" and if you answer "Yes" they always think you're joking.

" I can't live without my glasses, I'd be blind" meanwhile I'm sitting accross from them thinking "hmm...I seem to be surviving quite nicely~"

"why don't you get new glasses?" well if new glasses can fix the problem who would want to be blind. (It's funny the kind of obvious things they say)

"How many fingers am I holding up?" Oh yes, just coz I can "pass" the how many fingers test doesn't mean I'm not legally blind.

"Can't you read it yourself" well if I could then I wouldn't ask would I?

"Why are you so close to the screen, its bad for you you know." Yes I do, its not like I have a choice though.

But sometimes we need to be more understanding of their ignorance. Afterall, if I didn't have SD I probalby would have asked the same questions. Feel free to share your funny phrases you've heard. Leave a comment!


  1. Hilarious. I get all of those comments regularly. Many years ago, when I was on the train on the way to school, I was wearing one of those telescope inset into my glasses. Someone walked up to me, with all my high school paraphernalia, and asked if I were I jeweler. You have to laugh!

    PS I twittered this and will email it around.

  2. My favorite 'Smart-Ass' comeback for people asking, "why are you so close to the screen? are you blind?"
    And I say, "No, i just like the smell of computer screens."


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