Thursday, November 27, 2008


Never was a religious person by nature. I believe in a higher being, but I choose not to indulge in mass relign. But I would consider myself to be a very spiritual person in some ways.

Since university, I found myself to be in numerous situations where I chose to keep my faith. I was the type that if you can say to my face about something, then I would believe you. I let go of things because I chose to have faith. And its not easy when you've seen so much negative aspects of human nature.

But my advice for everyone out there, whether you have SD or not, keep your faith. Not false hope though, but learn to believe in others and yourself, it will help you get through the darkest of times.

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  1. excellent sentiment. I may have left the faith of my youth, but I have embraced a faith of my own choosing, though in humanity rather than deity. faith helps kepp you strong in tought times.


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