Monday, November 24, 2008

First Time

Yesterday I went out to have dinner with friends. This is nothing out of the ordinary, and all my friends know more or less about my condition. But its the first time I brought my manifying glass out to read the menu.

Now this is something completely new to me. I've always relied on my friends to help me read the menu. What usually happens is if I can see myself then I will go through it, if not, then I ask my friends to read it for me. I hated taking out my gadgets in public, I dispised the feeling of being stared at like some animal in the zoo. It's no big deal that we have the things we do, but I typically try to use them outside of public.

I met someone recently that told me something which clicked in my head. She said "its only a problem if you see it as one" which we all know is true. Perspective is (to me) the determining factor of reality. If you are confident about yourself and the way you are, it shouldn't matter if you are different or not, it should matter even less what total strangers think.

So at the restaurant, I took out my magnifying glass and started reading the menu. It was a liberating feeling not having to rely on someone all the time. Don't get me wrong, I was terrified to do that, I was afraid that someone would start staring. But then I thought, who cares if they start staring, this is who I am, why should I have to pretend to be something else. I'm very proud of myself for finding this independence. For those of you out there, try it sometime, no one can hurt you but yourself, so don't give them the power to feel inferior.

Never let fear stop you, always try to break your comfort zones, that's how you will learn to better yourself.

(Yeah, I know easier said then done, but here's a tip, do it in small steps, you'd be surprised what you end up with)


  1. Thank you
    I recently had dinner with my son who has SD and well i feel dumb in saying when the menu was presented he said surprise me. I realized he couldn't read the menu. ouch, to both of us. This is new for him and me. Thank you for sharing and well keep it going for us stupid parents :)

  2. Hi jen,
    I understand your feelings. Every thing in this world is god’s gift. We need to realize this. I am also having same problem in my eyes. So many things happened to me also as u explained here. I consult so many experts regarding this disease, they give me the same answer that u heard.
    But we need to feel happy about present development in technology (now a days, so many visual aids are available). I belongs to India. Here I consult top ophthalmologist, but no use.
    After reading your blog, I realized that no one will cure my Eyes. I never see like a normal person.

    Thanks for sharing your feelings.
    Hope we will be having normal vision in future.

    With best regards,


  3. Dear Sue:

    It's not your fault for not knowing. I think it's the ability to "act normal" that people forget we are not the same.

    I'd like to say its going to get easier but I'd be lying. If your son is new to this, it will take him perhaps years before he trully finds himself. But if you ever have any questions, just fire me an email. I'd love to help answer to the best of my ability.

  4. Hi marendra,

    Faith is good. Just don't put off your life waiting for that miracle. Time won't stop for anyone, so play the cards we are dealt and jsut enjoy the game.


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