Monday, July 22, 2013

Having Stargardts is a constant battle with your fear...

Startgardt's,  like any terminal disease  comes with a fear factor.  The patient is constantly confronted with ideas of self doubt and insecurity.   Fear is a good emotion to have, but too much fear paralyzes us in our ability to achieve.  So the trick is to learn to find the balance of having and coexisting with fear.

Often we set limits on what we can do because of fear.  There are things that may become dangerous and should be carried out in a cautious fashion. But most of the time, its our own fear of failure that inhibits us from carrying out what we want to do.   It isn't a matter of we can't, its a matter of we won't.

But on the flip side of fear, there's limitless possibilities.  Like any sighted person, a stargach  potential and possibility in life.  All you need to remember is that it's possible, that your dreams can be achieved.  But  like any possibility in life, it comes with a consequence as well, having stargardt's does often mean that it becomes harder to achieve.  Anything is possible you just need to keep trying and never give up.

People will tell you otherwise, say its too hard, but nothing you put you mind to is impossible.  All you need to do is believe and have persistence.  All the rest will come.

This is a great speech by Les Brown.  Hope you enjoy it.