Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tech replaces cure?

Since I was sharing (complaining) about not being able to see people far away. I started doing some digging on new technologies and found some interesting prototypes that may be good to keep an eye out for.

For starter Brother Industiries Japan has created a wearable personal Retinal Digital Imaging Display to go on your glasses. What is it you may ask? Well, think Terminator, its able to use low intentisy laser to beam images and text right onto your retina so you can see extra information. Imagine the potentials of putting facial recognition or enlarging any text right into your eyes. All you would need is a simple scanner and the ability to control/navigate any digital devince.

As great as this sounds, it is still in the developing stages and although the eyepiece is relatively small, it is hooked up to a very large piece of equipment to run. Nevertheless we will probably have much more luck with technology than anything else.

2. Video Glasses

Have you ever seen Star Trek? Do you remember LaForge the blind guy with a visor? I think our technology may be very close at least in the low vision portion of the country. Here's why, imagine if we are albe to create a pair of video glasses hooked up to a spy camera on the frame, this way we can transmit/zoom/and forcus on small and far away details like those goggles in the movies.
At any rate, the technology is improving rapidly and things are getting smaller and more portable as the years pass by. Although genetic therapy seems far from us, these technological aids may be able to change our lives drastically in the meantime.

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