Thursday, December 4, 2008

Better Blind Speakers

I still remmeber when I was in middle school we had a blind speaker come in to tell his story. He talked about going completely blind around his twenties. And how he became depressed but eventually got over it and moved on wit hlearning braile and how to work with his guide dog. He said he is happy now, and I hd the reaction of "yeah right, I don't believe that if you had the choice between being blind and not you would take the blindness".

Here's the thing, I would say I'm doing pretty well in terms of dealing and coping nad living with SD, I am happy to a certain extent. But I don't think there is a part of me that wouldn't take the chance to see again over what I am now. Is that true happiness? I think it is just settling with what you can get, playing the best game given the cards you were dealt. But it always gets to me when people's like "no, I don't mind, I am happy" because I think tha's jsut load of bull.

Conditions like SD is frustrating and NO ONE would ever choose to be sick if they had a choice. So by saying "I'm very happy as is" it's misleading alot of people in a wayespecially those that have a similar condition. What people forget to say is, "hey it sucks but make the best of it", they should teach people to accept and be grateful, not "pretend" to be happy about something that obviously sucks.

Maybe we just need better speakers at schools.

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