Sunday, December 28, 2008

Generation ME -- Rude

I saw this documentary today on TV and it really struck a nerve with me. Growing up I've always been brought up with certain values and I was taught to be cureous to others. It really stuck with me and I guess having SD makes you realize even more how important it is to have empathy and curtesy to others.

This Doc talks about today's generation of how people are more respectful of groups (wome, minority, aboriginals) but less respectful of individualrs. Particularly the Generation ME that is the generation from 1970's and on, it seems like respect and curtesy has been replaced by selfishness and self satisfaction.

I've always believed that manners is the basic building blocks of social interaction. If a person only thinks about themselves, and entire society are amde of individuals as such, than it would be a world in chaos. But problem is, no one is teaching people manners some basic curtesy such as words like "please, thank you, excuse me" are forgotten by many. Simple gestures to respect the elderly, offer your seat to pregnant woman.

Truth be told I hate this generation ME, taught only to think of themselves and not consider others feelings. Growing up with SD I hated being a child, because many children were selfish and din't realize how mean they can be. I really wanted to grow up becoz I had foolishly thought the adult wolrd would be more civilized and considerate. Little did I know, time has changed as well, discrimination lurks in the shadows. Although some never grew up to have civility and considerate, others did grow up learning that they needed to be more polite and socialable to others.

Unfortunately we live ina society where the game is everyone for themselves. Unless we can instill curtesy and empathy into our kids and the new generation, this society is headed in a downward spiral and misery and unhappiness. Ibelieve change can laways be made in our kids if they are educated properly by their families and reinforced in schools and media. However, I am skeptical as to the realization of such event since these very same kids will be brought up by Generation ME, and waht kids see they learn.

What the future holds we can only hope. The only thing we can do is try to change the lives around us by living by example. Remember this, no one is perfect, but as long as you learn from your mistakesand try not making the same mistakes again, you are growing to be a better person!

PS definately recommend watching the doc. It is a great video for parents who may be uncertain on how to teach their child curtesy.

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  1. Hi Jen.
    My name is also Jennifer, I'm 22 and live in Ireland. I can't remember where I came across your blog first, but only got a chance to look at it properly today.
    I've been blind almost since birth, and am only recently becoming aware of different conditions which cause visual impairment. I had never heard of stargarts until i read your blog. It is great that you are writing it as the disease is so uncommon.
    I also keep a blog too, mostly about guide dog stuff. I will watch that documentary soon. It sounds interesting.


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