Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Recognizing People is a Pain

Recognizing faces have always been a problem for me. Sometimes I wonder if they can create a tool to log people's names and faces so the next time you see them it will tell you who it is. Problem is I can't really see their faces in detail. A lot of times I don't even get a good look depending on where I meet them. When I meet a person, I register their "shape", clothes, and possibly voice, but 9 out of 10 times, I wouldn't be able to recall who they are the second time I see them. Usually take several times before I can recognize their voice.

You sort of realize how much you do not see when I look at photos. Half the time I can't even pick out those faces close to me. Or celebrities, going to movies and not recognizing which actor/acress by their appearance.

Not sure if there is a way around this. Maybe in the future they can create some fancy glasses that can store the data and do facial recognition. Or have the ability for optical oom like a camera. That would be great! Otherwise, get a personal assistant to be your eyes, that'll work too! (just like you can have them drive you around too)

There are many things that "sighted" people take for granted that we would kill to do. Seeing someone accross the street and just say hi. The ability to just pick up something and read. To recognize someone you met before. To steal a peak at your notes in a presentation. To focus a camera and jsut look through the viewfinder.

Not to say we can't do any of it, I guess its not as easy to do some of it. We can still pick up a book and read, we just need aids to do so.

PS this is a side note. I'm not sure if its just me, I am completely incompetant when ti coems to having someone finger write on my hand and reading it. For some reason I can never understand what they write, not sure its an eye thing or what~

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