Friday, December 5, 2008

Coping Tricks #2

I've got alot of response towards my tips and tricks on coping, I figured I will try to write some more. The #1 coping mechnism is using our memory instead of our eyes. Whether its backtracking in a restaurant, on the streets, generally I remember landmarks and even maps so although I can't see the street sign, I pretty much know exactly where I am. So even though I can't drive, I still know the roads pretty well.

Another patient with SD told me that hey would stare at the blindspot if they're meeting someone new for the first time, this way the other person would not ask "where are you looking". It's actually a pretty good tactic especially if you're meeting people for the first time.

Also, since I can't see faces unless they're up close, I recognize people by the sound of their voice andd the way they walk or dress. I've even develped a habit of not looking around so when people say hi to me they won't wonder why I'm "deliberately" ignoring them.

One of the most painful things to do is text messaging. I've got my keyboard memoried so I don't need to kill myself trying to read which letter corresponds to which number. But my phone is quite small so I always have to squint to barely make out the words. It's like looking at the beginning and the end and hope you can guess what word it is.

It all comes down to colour, shape, position are the three major criterias I use to replace detail.

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  1. Memory is definitely key. Every time I go to a place I will likely revisit, I take careful not of everything, making a mental map as I go along. I peer at things so I can capture and image that I can use later on. The same works for people, refrigerators, restaurants, etc. It is all about building that mental map.

    On text messaging, I tell people to text me at my computer and respond from there unless I am out. If they need to text me on my cell, a Razr, I tell them to be very parient as they will need to wait until I have a moment to talke out my reading aids.

    It would help a lot if all these tech products would offer alternate high-contrast (gold-on-black) color scheme as well as a larger font.


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