Thursday, January 1, 2009


I used to think tolerancce is a virtue. But more and more I'm beginning to wonder if it just gives people a reason to step all overyou. In this selfish society we live in, tolerance for bad behaviour COULD be the cause of why these behaviour exists. If you let people treat you badly, in a way it is telling them its ok to do so.

I would like to say I have a very high tolerance of bad behaviours because I believed and hoped that people will correct their actions by themselves. But I finally realized how foolish I am to think that.

So my advice to all, don't tolerate crap, in this society, the one who does not speak will be the loser. Just because you CAN tolerate something doesn't mean you SHOULD. But its a fine line between being understanding, and tolerating bad behaviour. No matter what, don't lose respect to yourself, otherwise no one will respect you.

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