Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Revolutionary Road-- Making a choice

Its a great movie about a couple wanting morein life but settling because they don't want to take the risks. Too often do people fail to acknoledge the choices they make but rather hide behind excuses. They say " I can't because ...." not "I won't because...", they don't want ot admit that it is their fear and insecurities that led them to their choice, they don't want totake the responsbility of making a conscious choice.

Rarely is there anything you can't do, but when youchoose not to, at least have the guts to admit its a choice out of fear and acept what it is you are giving up. It makes me mad seeing people making excuses for their action, not to say I don't do it myself, but I try to live by this. Accept the decisions and consequences of your decisions, accept the sacrifices you make when you make a choice. Acknowledge your fears, try to overcome it, and if you don't wnat to, don't make excuses saying why you don't.

Please don't say "poor me", because you always have the choice to change your life. There's always a choice, it may not be something you like but there are always alternatives. Don't limit yourself by saying "I have no choice". Take responsibility of your actions, have the power to make your own destiny and future.

Do the best you can, and leave the rest to fate or god or the world.

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