Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Going to school part 2 - Tips for University

When I went to University. I received much support with reagards to my disability. Aside from the not takers, extended time, enlarged fonts, and counselling support. I also received funding for much of my equipments (laptops, magnifiers, CCTV, and screen reader programs)

Difficulties @ University
Unlike highschool, often university lectures are held in large lecture rooms with the professor talking while referring to a powerpoint presentation. This made it almost impossible for me to see either using a monocular or my own eyes. A few years back while I was in unversity, there wasn't any portable CCTV cameras that we could carry with our laptop, which meant for the most part I was unable to see what the professor was refering to. What did help was reading ahead of time, it would give you a much better sense of what is happenning and give you a way creating mental images in place of the slides.

Depoending on your chosen subject of expertise, there may be a lot of reading involved. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to read through since itmay give you an eye strain. Time management and hard work is required to help discipline yourseld in your studies.

One of the dicfficulties is with socialization. Since I was at a very large and scattered university, problem became that I may meet a person and never see/recognize them again. More often than nothing, you meet a person for the first time and never sees them again. Its also makes it difficult to "sit with your friends: since we can't really walk into a lecture hall and look for people.

Library use/research may also become difficult But you can probably ask the librarians for help in locating items. Although some materials may be in library use only, it may be worth your while to simply photocopy and take it home.

My advice to Unversity life is, try everything and expose yourself to what happens in university, there are clubs of all kind and by getting involved you will have a much better experience both academicly and in your life.

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  1. Hi Jen. I enjoyed reading your posts about school and university.
    I recently wrote about my experience of school In Ireland and am just about to post it on my blog.


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