Sunday, August 14, 2011

What's your faith?

I strongly believe that faith is a critical element in finding peace with oneself when facing any type of illness or disease. It's the foundation of establishing vlue and acceptance in any patient's mind.

Now is there a best faith that can guarentee inner peace? I don't think so. It could be that I haven't found it myself, but in my opinion, every person has a set of core values which may reasonate closer to one relign more than another. Regardless if you are a Buddhist, Christian, or Muslim, the goal of your faith is help you accept your conditions and find peace and comfort in your heart.

My encounters with relign...
Although I was never Baptized, I've always had to Buddhistm and Christianity in my younger years. It puzzled me when they tell me God loves everyone and yet it still felt like I was being punished with Stargardt's. It made me angry at this "god" who in my mind is punishing me without letting me know or understand what I've done wrong.

In Buddhism, the main idea is about karma. It is a way of thinking where your actions are the seed and your conditions are the consequences of your actions. Because Buddhists believe in reincarnation, your past lives can have an impact on your current life. With this in mind, I often blamed myself fohaving Strgardt's in this life. Perhaps it was a lack of resect and appreciation which led to this life's lost in vision. This kind of thinking in a way, helped me to come to terms and try to ccept and learn hoping I don't make the same arrogant mistake in this life.

But ultimately, faith eventually became internalized whereby I need to rely on myself for my needs and wants. A simple belief can help me get through a bad day, a reinforcement of positive thinking to keep my spirits high. But mostly, if gave me a false sense of control whereby I can be the master of my fate empowering myself to chase dreams or try new things.

No matter which faith you choose to believe in, always remember that you are the key to your own salvation. Any faith is there to help you accept your conditions it can't help you recover from Stargardt's. Faith for me is a way of fighting back those depressing moments.

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