Friday, August 19, 2011

Advice on going into an interview.

There's no absolute answer but this is what I've done in the past. Normally I don't disclose my condition until the very end of the process. However, I do indicate that I can't look straight to let the interviewer know I'm not avoiding eye contact. I mean this may lose some points with people but if that's the case there's not much that can be done. Ultimately, it comes down to the person seeing your ability or seeing your disability.

When I first graduated and tried to look for a job, I usually do let them know before hiring me so that they ahve a clear understanding of what I can and cannot do. As I've grown in my career, I seldom disclose the extent of my disability during an interview since I often find it irrelevant to my ability in getting the job done. Generally, I try to look for a job that I can use computer to do much of the work which then enables me to enlarge and still work like any seeing persons. However, if it might effect your performance and ability to do your job, I think it's only fir for you to disclose partially so that the employer would be more accomadating to your needs.
Reality is, discrimination will always happen whether its in the open or not. Some people will openly discriminate you and others will simply cross you off the list assuming you are incapable. However, once in while you will meet a person who sees your value, if you're lucky enough to find that boss, do your best and that will take care of the rest.
We can't avoid discrimination and it is a fct we are at a disadvantage o other seeing persons when it comes to general office admin work. Thus its crucial that you find something that sets you apart, it would be something that regardless of visually impaired or not, you would not be replaceable.
In my experience, patience and persistence is key. Some people find a great environment to stay in on their first try, others like me go from job to job looking still. Sometimes it can be depressing but I think if I can find the one right opportunity, all the other bad jobs would just be a bad dreams.

It's not easy, and I don't really think it will ever really be easy. But you'll adapt like all other things in life. Finding the right job is not easy for anyone (seeing or not). So don't sweat it, let things take its course, prepare yourself the best you can in building your skill sets and keep trying until you find someone who can appreciate your talents.

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