Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Back in September, I came back to Asia in search of a possible treatment -- Accupuncture. They say that there is a possibility for improvement, and that it has helped individual cases in restoring some vision.

I figured there's no harm trying, (besides money and time and pain) So I decided to go to Asia to find this particular accupuncture doctor.

How does it work?
needles are placed at specific points to help stimulate your body to recover by itself. In the case of the eyes, there has been a number of cases where continuous treatments has proven to improve near sighted neess and other eye conditions such as lowering eye pressure.

My Experience
It's been three months of weekly visit. Everytime, the doctor would put 12 needles around my eyes and at various places on my head. You're probably wondering: Does it hurt? Of course it hurts! It feels like the needles help stimulate blood flow and there's a point where it reaches that it almost sting It's not a sharp pain thought, but a very settle pain that you feel.

It seem like everytime I leave after a session, I can feel taht things become slightly clearer. However, this effect does not last, usually by the end of the day, it is gone.

My Result so far
I came back for these accupuncture treatment to see if it can help lower my perscriptiong (did not really hope for much in terms of curing Stargardt's) After three months I went to do a check up to compare my perscriptiong, it turns out that my nearsightedness has gone down while my stigmatism seems to have gone up slightly. It is still inefficient information to really judge if this can have a positive impact on my eyes.

After Thoughts
It's a mixed feeling I go through whenever I'm waiting for the needles. Sometimes, I keep asking myself why do I need to go through this suffering. Why is it I must endure such pain. It's upsetting emotionally not because it hurts, but it remind meof how unfair life can be.

The only advice I cna say is, I'm lucky to have someone by my side to support me through this. Sometimes, support of your loved ones help make these things livable.

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