Tuesday, February 21, 2017

What would you do for a cure to Stargardt's?

We're seeing clinical trials happening slowly and hopefully in another 5 to 10 years, we may see gene therapies or stem cell therapies  available for the general market.

In my search for a cure, I'm faced with the question of how much do I want it?

Being in my thirties, my life is consumed by work, family, friends, and self development and maintenance.  Time has become a precious commodity where it's already a struggle to balance life.  In this search, I've come across "therapies" that can slightly improve or help slow down the degradation process of Stargardt's.  However, many of these treatments require extensive investments in time and a committed persistence as a lifestyle.  Perhaps the true reality is that any potential improvements require lifelong commitments and will likely falter when one breaks routine.

For example, Chinese Medicine (depending on their practitioner's skill) can offer remedies or qigong which can help to improve the condition of your eye.  The cost however, can be hours in a consistent manner with sseemingly hopelessness and minimum progress.  The question becomes, is it better to spend hours to try to maintain or simply let it be and accept this condition.

Not knowing how much things can change,  Is it worth investing the time and energy? Perhaps in my younger days, I may be inclined to do so but as time become more and more scarce, I find myself unwilling to invest hours to hopefully better my eyes. 

For those of you that ARE willing to try and searching.  Start with doing some qigong.  It will help flush out some of the toxins that  a stargardt's patient's eyes are unable to process.  The ability to bring more blood and ciruclation will also help keep your eyes in better shape.  Does it mean that it would only work if you invest hours a day, no...  10 min is still 10 minutes in the bank.  But for you to see the effects in a more significant level, the time is required.  So even if you can't do hours, even just 15 min a day will go a long with if it's incorporated into your lifestyle. 

There are times I get frustrated when I see people taking for granted their health.  In my life, I seem to be continuously troubled by health condition where it requires a significant effort just to upkeep (not even to improve.  Life isn't fair and I'm constantly reminded to accept that. 

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