Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Your Future: job stability and security

Growing up in a traditional white collar family, I was taught to look for security above all else.  Traditional Asians think being a doctor, engineer, government worker or banker/acountant are the idea and secure ways to live your life and making a living.  My parents simply hope I would get a job and settle for the rest of my life.

Except I beg to differ.

Settling only makes them happy but to me its torture.  I hate inefficiencies, I hate lack of creativity, I hate stupidity and mundane work, and I can't bring myself to become one of those people who can't wait until the weekend because they hate their job and can't wait to retire or quit.


I always believe in the fact that if you are doing something you love, you will find a way to make money.  There's no reason why you have to settle even if you are visually impaired.    Being successful has nothing to do with physical disability but has everything to do with your mental attitude.  If you feel you can't, then you will never achieve what it is you want.    If anything, being visually impaired helps you cope with the hardships you face when chasing a dream. 

I've failed many times.  Been rejected from jobs, and even put down by people of position.  But all of that has made me a stronger person, a smarter thinker, and a committed lifelong learner.   

As parents or family members, please don't force your kid of loved ones to settle for anything less than their real dreams.  It's not going to be an easy road, but  what they need is not discouragement  and your fears. Believe it or not, your fears will transfer into their behaviours, your doubt and disbelief in their abilities will become the foundation of their self doubt.

I've spent 20 years trying to un-lesrn all the education taught to me from people who fear their own future.  If anything, it takes so much more energy  to erase those negative thoughts than to just simply follow you dreams.

If you are a parent, encourage your kids passion.  Help them achieve their dreams, and believe in them like you would want them to believe in themselves.  Installing your fears will hinder their true potential.  After all, do you really want to be the people who made them unhappy?  Who was the one that influenced them to give up on life and dreams?

Life is more than just about settling.  So security and safety will come if you're in something you love to do.  All you need to do is believe.


  1. Job stability is the one thing workers nowadays need.

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