Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Looking for a friend

Recently I came into contact with a teacher who has a 9 years old student struggling with Stargardt`s. I know there are some parents who read my blog and may have children who areliving with Stargardt`s around the same age.

We are looking for someone around the same age to connect over email and become an ePal with this boy. Perhaps share some struggles with each other and beable to relate to one another.
It`s tough dealing with this disease, but technology today has helped to broaden circles and close gaps, hopefully it would be easier going through the acceptance of Stargardt`s or any disease when you are able to share with someone in a similarsituation.

Once again, Request for ePal for a 9 years old boy with Stargardt`s


  1. my son yossi who is 10 is interested, He just got his diagnosis from the specialist...I know it has been a year since the request! He can email my son at


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