Sunday, February 15, 2009

Staying Mobile

No matter what city/town you live in in the world. I am sure mobility will always be one of the top issues when it comes to living with Stargardt's. I live in Toronto where the public transportation is considered as one of the top cities in North America. Although to tell the truth its not ideal, but then again I can't complain since it can still get me from point A to B relatively easy.

Take it from me when I say, NOT DRIVING SUCKS. I've hd Stargardt's since I was young, so I never had the chance to drive, although I'm sure if I ever did, I would love it. Afterall, I love the freedom of being able to go anywhere, anytime and in your own private space instead of having to wait on schedule busses.

However when it comes to public transportation, the city has had several accessibility improvements. First and foremost being the stop annoucements on the buses. It may sound fairly insignificant, but but its saved me numerous times from asking the driver to annouce the street name. Yeah, people will help if you ask them, but just having the automated annoucer gives back a certain independence that otherwise would not have been possible.

Although lately, I have been considering alternative transportations. One of which being the electric bicycle/scooters. These new "toys" offer a possible alternative in mobility accessibility. Since I cannot get a licence, I cannot drive a car nor ride a motorcycle. But these electric bikes are a good middle ground between driving a car, and having to take public transit or exercise myself. Unfortunately one of the major downside is that battery technology is still unstable and therefore the elctric bike is unable to travel long distances. Nonetheless, the beauty behind it is since its a hybrid between eletricity and man power, you can always ride it as a regular bike when you are out of electricity. (Now if only they can find a way to regenerate electricity into the battery) Why is it that I can't ride a motorcycle but can ride something like this, the answer is simple, the electric bike usually is very slow and can only go up to 60 km max but often averaging around 30km only.

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